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Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers are required for a variety of reasons, usually, if teeth are worn, cracked, decayed or broken. Crowns are ideal for decayed or broken teeth, improving the appearance and strength of the tooth. A crown is shaped like a natural tooth and can be comprised of porcelain or gold. There are a variety of options available, depending on where your tooth is located and personal choice.

Placed directly on teeth that are discoloured, damaged or misaligned, veneers are a thin layer of tooth coloured material that make a considerable difference to the appearance of your smile.

The type of crown or veneer placed depends on several factors such as tooth position, quality and quantity of remaining tooth structure and biting forces present being some of them. Your dentist will carefully consider all these factors and most importantly what is best for the long-term functional and biological health of the tooth.

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