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Fixed Bridges

Bridges are one way of closing the gap left due to missing teeth. They are permanently placed and do not need to be removed and replaced. They can be used to restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth which may have been compromised due to missing teeth.

There are different types of bridges and some may be more suitable than others depending on the number and quality of remaining teeth being used to support the bridge.

Bridges are an excellent choice when planned and placed properly. They do however have their limitations, they require support from neighbouring teeth and cannot be used to replace large spans of missing teeth.

When executed by an experienced clinician working alongside a good lab they should feel just like your own teeth.

There are two main types of dental bridges – conventional and resin retained.

Conventional bridges are supported by crowns placed on neighbouring teeth – they are strong, long lasting and can be used to change the appearance of those teeth being crowned whilst filling gaps at the same time. These are a good choice for replacing larger spans of missing teeth and when neighbouring teeth would benefit from a crown.

Studies show that nearly 80% of bridges are still intact even after 15 years.

Resin Retained bridges are supported by neighbouring teeth with the use of “wings”. These wings can be ceramic, metal or gold depending on the location of the bridge and are cemented on to the back of the supporting teeth. These types of bridges benefit from being very conservative with minimal or no work being done on the supporting teeth.

Resin retained bridges are good for closing small gaps where the neighbouring teeth are healthy and untouched. With careful planning, resin retained bridges are not only conservative of tooth structure but also strong and predictable.

At Weybridge Dental Practice all our dentists take into consideration bio-mechanics and aesthetics whilst working alongside an experienced lab to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the final result. After carrying out an assessment of your dentition they can suggest whether a bridge would be suitable for you and if so, which design and material would be best suited to you individually.

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