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Sinus Lifts

Sinuses are small cavities inside the skull and we all have them. However, when a tooth is lost the surrounding bone can begin to recede and the sinus can expand into the area. Though this isn’t a huge problem initially, it makes having a dental implant difficult. This becomes a problem if you need a dental implant, as there could be a lack of bone to support the implant. This is where a sinus lift comes into things.

There are a lot of different types of graft, and a sinus lift involves a graft in the upper jaw. It increases the available height of the bone and it’s a delicate procedure, but one that we can do professionally. Our practitioners have the necessary training and skills to perform sinus lifts with ease. This is why we have had a number of patients from the surrounding areas coming to us. A sinus lift involves ensuring there is enough room for the implant to be adhered to; this could involve encouraging the bone to regrow. Over a period of time, this bone will grow enough to support the implant. The Weybridge Dental Practice team can then begin working on the sinus lift.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift occurs if your bone is too thin to support a dental implant. If you need an implant into the mouth but the remaining bone is too thin, we may recommend that you have a sinus lift. By having a sinus lift, space is freed up and there is room for the additional bone to be added.

There are different ways for a sinus lift to be carried out, depending on the specific mouth and the specific bone. Most sinus lifts involve a surgeon making a small incision to expose the bone, before cutting a small circle out and lifting it into the sinus cavity. By doing this, the freed up space can be used for the bone graft. After this, the incision is closed and stitches are used until everything is healed. Within 12 months, the area should be ready for an implant to be added. However, there are occasions when the implant can be added at the same time.

As there are a number of different ways a sinus lift can work, we will offer help and advice on how we think it can work best for you. We will design a bespoke treatment plan to ensure your dental implants are safe and secure.

Sinus Lifts at Weybridge Dental Practice

At Weybridge Dental Practice, we work hard to ensure we’re able to provide a wide range of dental treatments and this includes sinus lifts. Our team of highly trained experts are on hand to answer questions, offer recommendations and plan your sinus lift. From the initial consultation through to the finished treatment, you can expect an unmatched sinus lift service. To find out more about sinus lifts or any of our other services, get in touch. Contact Weybridge Dental Practice and speak to a member of the team.

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